Post Offices in Texas told to take down posters with the nation's motto-Truth!

Post Offices In Texas Have Taken Down Posters With “In God We Trust” on them-Truth!



Summary of eRumor:

You are urged to write “In God We Trust” on the back of your mail in protest of reports that 2 Post Offices in Texas were forced to remove posters that displayed the nation’s motto.

The Truth:

According to an 11/17/02 article in the Amarillo Globe-News, this controversy got started when a retired engineer Frank Williamson donated small posters to Post Offices that said “In God We Trust.”  They were ordered taken down because of a prohibition against displaying most handbills and fliers from individuals.  There was a howl of protest.  As a result, the Postal Service announced that a poster of its own design would be posted in all 38,000 Post Offices across the country. That was helped by the discovery that a resolution in the House of Representatives in 2000 had been passed encouraging posting the motto in public buildings.

Last updated 1/16/03