Muslim Group Seeks Pork-Free Options at Food Bank-Truth!

Muslim Group Seeks Pork-Free Options at Food Bank-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
A Muslim group has asked for pork-free food to be offered by food banks in Minnesota.

The Truth:
It’s true that a Muslim group petitioned county officials in Minnesota to add pork-free products to food banks there to cater to their Halal dietary restrictions.

An advocacy group for Somali-Americans asked commissioners in Henepin County, Minnesota, to develop a food bank that offers healthy, pork-free foods, ABC News reports.

It would cost about $150,000 to get the food bank up and running. A county commissioner told ABC News that he invited the group to present a proposal during a Hennepin County budget meeting.

The Somali women’s advocacy group Isuroon spearheaded the effort. The group argued that more than 77,000 Somali-Americans live in Minnesota and that the Somali community contributes $223 million to the state’s economy each year, the International Business Times reports.

Critics have taken to social media to criticize the group’s halal food bank proposal. One viral post by a Muslim woman was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Posted 11/06/14