Three Nazi Bunkers Unearthed in Denmark-Truth!

Three Nazi Bunkers on a Beach Have Been Uncovered by Violent Storms-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
An eRumor about three Nazi bunkers along the Danish coast that were hidden under the sand since the end of World War II and were recently uncovered by a storm.   In it were found artifacts that were preserved for 63 years.
The Truth:
The UK’s Daily Mail on August 3, 2008 reported that “Three Nazi bunkers on a beach have been uncovered by violent storms off the Danish coast, providing a store of material for history buffs and military archaeologists.”
The article said that during the Second World War the Germans had placed 7,000 bunkers of this type along the coast from Norway to France and these had been buried in the sand since 1945. They were discovered by two nine-year-old boys who were vacationing with their parents. When archaeologists arrived on the scene they were able to carefully gain access inside the bunkers “and were astounded at what they found. ‘What’s so fantastic is that we found them completely furnished with beds, chairs, tables, communication systems and the personal effects of the soldiers who lived inside,’ says Jens Andersen, the curator of the Hanstholm museum that specializes in Nazi fortifications.”
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updated 10/13/08