Two New Jersey Coptic Christians Beheaded -Truth!

Two New Jersey Coptic Christians Beheaded –Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
This is a forwarded email that contains a link to a video posted on YouTube.   The video appears to be a news report by ABC about the brutal murder of two Coptic Christians from New Jersey who were shot, beheaded and buried in a back yard.

The Truth:
The news report is real and both ABC and NBC reported the incident on February 11, 2013 but there is no evidence, at this time, that this was an act of Sharia.
Both reports said that police have apprehended the murder suspect, 28 year old Yusuf Ibrahim, and that they are still investigating the motive for the double murder.
Speculators were fast to chime in that this appeared to be a ritualistic killing which resulted in a wave of conspiracies and warnings on the World Wide Web.
Video found on YouTube
updated 2/20/13