Nick Adams’ ‘Men in Denim Built America Only for the Men in Suits to Destroy It’ Tweet

An August 3 2022 tweet by the account Conservative Self-Owns (@ConSelfOwns) on Twitter featured a screenshot of a purported tweet from internet user Nick Adams — who happened to be wearing a suit in his Twitter avatar:

As the handle @ConSelfOwns implied, the account amplifies statements by right-wing Twitter pundits that are unintentionally unflattering to those users. The text of the image was attributed to Adams (@NickAdamsinUSA) on August 1 2022, and it read:

Fact Check

Claim: Twitter user Nick Adams tweeted “Men in denim built America only for the men in suits to destroy it,” and his Twitter avatar features him wearing a suit.

Description: The claim is a tweet by Nick Adams stating that ‘Men in denim built America only for the men in suits to destroy it’, the irony being that Adams appears in a suit in his Twitter avatar.


Rating Explanation: The claim was indeed made by Nick Adams as shown in the referenced tweet, and was not a fabricated or altered statement.

Men in denim built America only for the men in suits to destroy it

In the screenshot shared by @ConSelfOwns, “men in suits” was underlined in green. Adams’ avatar, which depicted him wearing a suit, was also emphasized.

Commenters on the screenshot debated whether Adams’ account was a parody or satirical in nature. One commenter asserted that blue jeans were developed around a century after the United States was founded:

Another commenter observed that many of the occupations underlying a functional society did not involve “men in jeans”:

It’s also amazing that while they say things like this that completely disregards the work of other professions, nurses, grocery stores and teachers don’t wear denim, accounts don’t either, we work together to build this nation not just one group

Still another referenced a February 2022 controversy involving Adams and fellow right-wing pundit Charlie Kirk, and their widely mocked reactions to the Superbowl LVI halftime show:

is this the same guy who was mad because there were black people at the superbowl

In that instance, Adams tweeted:

Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Lee Greenwood would put on a better Halftime Show than these hoodlums.

As for whether Adams tweeted that men “in denim built America only for the men in suits to destroy it,” the screenshot accurately depicted a real tweet; it was not altered beyond the emphasis markings. In response to that comment, another account tweeted:

An August 3 2022 tweet from @ConSelfOwns featured a screenshot suggesting that Nick Adams (while wearing a suit in his Twitter avatar) accused men in suits of destroying America, after men in jeans built it. That tweet was real, published by Adams on August 1 2022.