Four Christians Facing Prison For Demonstrating at Homosexual Event in Philadelphia-Truth!

Four Christians Facing Prison For Demonstrating at Homosexual Event in PhiladelphiaTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

The eRumor says that quoting what the Bible has to say about homosexuality in public in Philadelphia will be treated as a hate crime.
It describes the arrest of a group of Christians who were preaching on a public sidewalk near OUTFEST, a homosexual event.
They were surrounded by a group known as PINK ANGELS who tried to counter the Christians’ preaching.
The Christians were arrested and charged with a variety of crimes.

The Truth:

On October 4, 2004, there was an event in Philadelphia known as Outfest.
It is sponsored by Philly Pride Presents which also sponsors PrideDay in June and WinterPride in Winter.
They are described as occasions during which lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender communities come together to celebrate as a whole and are designed to advance rights for the communities.

Under the sponsorship of a group called Repent America several Christians appeared near the event preaching, praying, and reading scripture.
Their efforts were countered by a group known as The Pink Angels.
Supporters of the Christians say they were operating within their constitutional right of free speech on public property and that it was the Pink Angels who violated their rights.
Eleven of the Christians were arrested, but charges against 7 of then were later dropped.
As of this writing, four of them are headed for trial on charges of “criminal conspiracy, ethnic intimidation, and riot.”
They have also been banned from doing evangelism within 100 yard of any gay and lesbian event.

City officials say one of the Christians tried to interrupt a performance at Outfest with his preaching and that the group disobeyed a police order to move to the perimeter of Outfest to avoid violence.

Brian Fahling, the attorney representing the Christians says the video tape does not show what the city alleges and, in fact, proves that the Christians were operating within their rights.

Last updated 1/7/05