Petition asking President Bush to reinstate prayer in schools-Unproven!

Petition to The President Reinstate Prayer in Public SchoolsUnproven!



Summary of eRumor:
An email petition asking that you add your name to a plea to President George W. Bush to reinstate prayer in public schools.

The Truth:

This is a grass-roots effort and not sponsored by any particular group or organization.

Although it can be said that it is not a bad thing to let the President know how many people feel passionate about prayer in schools, this petition will probably not accomplish its goal. 

The President does not have the power to reinstate prayer in public schools.  It was not a President that removed prayer from the schools.  It was a United States Supreme court decision.  The most straightforward way to try changing that would be to appeal to the members of Congress to try to come up with federal legislation.  Such a bill, if signed into law, would still have to face survival in court.