Poisonous perfume arriving in homes by mail-Fiction!

Poisonous Perfume Arriving in Homes by MailFiction!



Summary of eRumor:
The eRumor claims that seven woman have died from smelling free perfume samples that came to them in the mail.  It also says that the government thinks it may be a terrorist act, but doesn’t want to alarm people so is not talking about it.

The Truth:

There are not any reports, inside or outside the government, about poisonous perfume or poisonous perfume being sent through the mail.  

A 2010 version of this email resurfaced saying that seven women died after being treated at Gleneagles Hospital and that this could be related to terrorism.  That too, is a hoax. Click for findings

This is the kind of email that should not be passed along to others because it alleges something very alarming, but without any information whatsoever that would allow anyone to verify it.  No names of victims or families, no locations, no hospitals, and no official law enforcement or health agencies.

If this had actually happened, it would be big news and difficult to keep hidden.  Even if someone wanted to believe that the government would keep this quiet, the deaths of seven people from something so unique as poisoning from smelling perfume would be known to so many people, especially families, that it wouldn’t be quiet for long.

updated 06/23/10