Price of a miracle-the little girl who needed surgery-Unproven!

The Price of a Miracle-



Summary of eRumor:

This is the story of a little girl whose brother needs surgery but the family can’t afford to pay for it.  She goes to the local pharmacy with a little of her own money to “buy a miracle.”  The annoyed pharmacist says he can’t help, but the pharmacist’s brother is standing there and hears the conversation with the little girl.  He asks to meet her parents and, it turns out, is a surgeon who can do what’s needed.  The little girl pays him her entire savings, one dollar and eleven cents…the price of a miracle.

The Truth:

This is a touching story, but has not been able to find anything to substantiate it.  It comes across as a piece of creative writing more than a true account.  We’re classifying it as
Unproven!  We’ve been given more than one version of the story with differing names for the children.