Executive of Procter & Gamble is a Satanist-Fiction!

An Executive from the Procter & Gamble Company Appeared on a TV Show to Say that All the Profits from the Company Go to Satanism-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
This email says that a top executive from Procter & Gamble was on a television talk show such as Sally Jesse Raphael, Phil Donahue, or Jenny Jones and said that he’s a Satan worshiper.  He says that the profits from P & G go to Satanism and “there aren’t enough Christians to stop him.”  He also goes on to say that the Procter & Gamble logo is that of a wizard and is a part of the influence of Satanism on the company.

The Truth:
There is no truth to the claim of a Satanist executive at Procter & Gamble and no truth that any television appearance of that nature took place.  This is a rumor that is now more than a decade old and originally was said to have occurred on some of the TV talk shows of a past era such as Mirv Griffin and Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.  It has caused grief for Procter & Gamble, which is a company that has enjoyed and protected its image.  According to the company, the logo is that of a man in the moon, a popular symbol 100 years ago, and started being used along the river docks when companies used pictures to mark their shipping crates.   There have been instances reported of people who sell home products using this eRumor to discourage customers from buying Procter & Gamble home products.  The company has taken legal action in several of those cases and has won.   Religious leaders including Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others have issued statements in support of Procter & Gamble and debunking the rumor.
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