Petition for a girl who says her father was shot and killed because of racism-Fiction!

Petition from Girl Who Says Her Parents Were Shot Because Her Father Was Black-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor: 
This email claims to be from a 15 year old girl who says her parents were shot in a parade because her father was black.  She says she’s dedicated herself to fight racism and asks that people add their names to the email and forward it to others.  The 100th person is supposed to send it to a particular email address.

The Truth:

The email includes no information about the place or time where this took place or to whom.  We suspect it’s not true, but if it is, sending lists of names will not help.  The email address that is listed to send the names to is not working.  Also, TruthOrFiction has had this posted for quite a while with no feedback from anyone claims it is true.