ABC Reporter Favored GIs who Support Obama in Iraq-Fiction!

ABC Reporter Ignored GIs In Iraq Voting for McCain to Feature GIs Voting for Obama-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The writer of the eRumor claims it is from a retired Major General Buckman.  He says that his niece is station in Iraq and was present when Martha Raddatz of ABC covered a visit to Iraq by Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain.  The email says that Raddatz asked a group of 60 GIs whom they planed to vote for in November.  Fifty-four of them said John McCain and 4 said Barack Obama.  Later in a televised report from Iraq, Raddatz featured 5 GIs for Obama and didn’t mention the 54 for McCain. 

The Truth:

This forwarded email, which began circulating in July, 2008, is a hoax.

Martha Raddatz told that the incident described in the email did not happen and that she did not meet with 60 GIs.

Additionally, First, Major General Louis C. Buckman has told Martha Raddatz, that he did not author the email and is upset that his name got attached to it.  In an email to Rddatz he said,  “Martha-the referenced e-mail about the reaction of our men and women in Iraq was not authored by me.  I would not send or forward an e-mail that I knew to be bogus or untrue and would appreciate it not being associated with me.”

Buckman has said the same to others who have contacted him including bloggers such as Lewis Perdue.

Updated 7/16/08