Rattlesnake more than 9 feet long and nearly 100 pounds-Unproven!

Picture of Rattlesnake-More than 9 Feet Long and Weighing Nearly 100 Pounds-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:
A picture of what appears to be a large rattlesnake said to have been found near Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Other versions say it was found near Amarillo, Texas. 
The Truth:
We’ve not found a source or confirmation of the picture, but it appears to be a fabrication.
We’ve received versions that claim the picture is from both Kansas and Texas.  All of them also allege that the snake was 9 feet 1 inch long and weighed 97 pounds.
The picture itself is one of a rattle snake that has been positioned well in front of the man holding it and close enough to the lens of the camera to make it appear larger than life.  It’s doubtful that a 97 pound rattlesnake could be held as effortlessly as depicted in the picture.
Updated 7/14/07