Robert Richie, AKA Kid Rock, Dies in Meth Lab Explosion at 44-Fiction!

Robert Richie, AKA Kid Rock, Dies in Meth Lab Explosion at 44-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Kid Rock was killed when a meth lab exploded in his home in July 2017.
The Truth:
A website that encourages users to create and share spoof articles to prank their friends is behind false reports that Kid Rock died in July 2017.
The website,, enables users to generate fictitious articles that are then shared on social media sites like Facebook. Then, when the users’ friends click on the link, an image appears that says “you got owned” by the prank:

kid rock death hoax
Social media users who click on links to spoof articles are informed that “you got owned” by a prank.

This article about Kid Rock appeared under the headline, “Former Rock Star Kid Rock Dead At 44,” and claimed that the musician, whose real name is Robert Richie, died when a meth lab exploded at his home:

Police were called to Ritchie’s home shortly after midnight after a noise complaint. Upon arriving at the home the officers noticed smoke pouring from the house. The fire department was called and the fire was subdued and upon entering the structure a body was found and identified as Kid Rock.

The fire might have actually been caused by an explosion according to officer Richard Black. Chemicals and over the counter medicine may be the cause of the fire the officer stated.

“If I had to guess, Kid Rock was making meth and something went wrong.”

The report was also picked up by other sites that were attempting to cash in on the momentum of the Kid Rock death hoax.  Kid Rock’s social media accounts didn’t address the death hoax. They carried on with normal activity after the report, which would seem to confirm that it’s a hoax.