Family with Down Syndrome Child Meet McCain and Palin-Truth!

Family with Down Syndrome Child Meets John McCain and Sarah PalinTruth!

Summary of eRumor:
An eRumor of an account from the father of a child with Down Syndrome of what happened at a McCain/Palin Rally when their “We love Kids with Down Syndrome” sign caught the eyes of the GOP Candidates.
The Truth:

This is from a telephone call between Rush Limbaugh and Kurt Kondrich of Pittsburg about his experience at a McCain/Palin rally in Washington, PA which aired on the EIB radio program.  There are photos along with the transcript on the Rush Limbaugh web site.

The caller, Kurt Kondrich of Pittsburg, is the father of a child with down syndrome, five year old Chloe. He told Rush how both Senator McCain and Governor Palin noticed a sign that his family had brought to the rally through the windows of their bus which said, “We Love Kids with Down Syndrome.”

According to Kondrich, he could actually see  John and Cindy McCain along with Sarah Palin making eye contact with him and his family and got a thumbs up from the candidates.   As the bus was preparing to leave the rally, the Kondrich’s were approached by Secret Service agents and requested to accompany them. The family was escorted to the other side of the bus where they were met by the candidates and their spouses.

Upon meeting the the family, Governor Palin immediately asked them for permission to hold their five daughter.  So that the family could meet Governor Palin’s son Trig, he was brought of the bus still napping and Chloe went over to him gave him a kiss.

Click  for Rush Limbaugh’s transcript and photos
updated 09/24/08