Fishing with Hand Grenades Goes Wrong-Truth!

Fishing with Hand Grenades Goes Wrong-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
A video has gone viral on social media alleging that something went terribly wrong for two Russians fishing on a small rigid hull inflatable boat using hand grenades instead of fishing poles.
The Truth:
The video is real according to a July 31, 2012 article by the Daily Mail Online in Britain, which said, the two “fishermen decided to forget rod and reel, opting for much more heavy-duty bait, a hand grenade.”

Images and video found on show that the grenade detonated prematurely and the concussion rocked the boat so heavily that both boaters were knocked off their feet.

The article went on to say “The stupid men are lucky to be alive after their attempt at catching fish in Russia.”

Over 100,000 people have viewed the video and response throughout the Internet has been humorous, according to the Daily Mail, which quoted one YouTube watcher who wrote, “Guess for dinner they’re having salmon… Smoked.”

Posted 02/28/14