The missionary son who found redemption in Timbuktu-Truth!

The Son of a Slain Missionary Finds Redemption in Timbuktu-Truth! 



Summary of eRumor:

A missionary pilot whose father was martyred for his faith finds himself in jeopardy at what feels like the end of the world.  He has a chance encounter with a man whose own faith was powerfully affected by his father’s death.

The Truth: has had a lot of inquiries about whether this is a true story of inspirational fiction.  It is a real story from the pen of Stephen Saint, the missionary pilot son of pioneer missionary pilot Nate Saint.   Nate was one of five missionaries killed in Ecuador in the 1950’s by stone age Indians they were trying to reach.  It became one of the most famous missionary events of the century.   Nate Saint’s death occurred when Stephen was a child, and in this candid article, he talks about the question that had lingered in his mind of why did his dad have to die?  In part, he gets the answer in a remote corner of the earth.