Salvation Army President is paid only $13,000 per year-Fiction!

The Head of the Salvation Army Receives only $13,000 in Salary Per Year-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:

According to this eRumor, the head of the American Red Cross is paid more than $650,000 per year, the head of the United Way is paid $375,000 per year and the head of the Salvation Army is paid only $13,000 per year, something to keep in mind next time you are making donations to non-profit organizations.

The Truth:

According to the Salvation Army, Commissioners W. Todd Bassett and his wife Carol A. Bassett jointly received basic living allowances and grants totaling $64,210 for 2004 plus housing valued at $34,116. That is still considerably less than the salaries of some of the other top charities. 

Marsha J. Evans, the president of the American Red Cross, was paid $651,957 in 2004.  The president of the United Way is now Ralph Dickerson Jr.  and his current salary is $420,000 per year, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

UNICEF C.E.O. and President  Caryl M. Stern earned  $478,645 in 2009 according to a Better Business Bureau report. The Better Business Bureau also said that Brian Gallagher, CEO of The United Way earns $1,037,410 in 2008.

Newer versions of this eRumor are under investigation an we will post findings when we get them

Posted 12/7/10    Updated 07/09/13