The seagull that steals Doritos-Truth!

The Seagull That Steals Doritos-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

An animated file that shows a seagull walking through the open door of a market and stealing a bag of Dorito chips.  It is said to happen at a store in Scotland and that the gull does it on a regular basis.

The Truth:

The pictures are authentic and the story is true.

According to the BBC the gull has been walking through the door of RS McColl newsagents in Aberdeen, Scotland since the beginning of July, 2007.

When the coast looks clear and the shopkeeper is looking the other way, the seagull walks over to a display of snack foods and always takes the same thing–a small personal sized bag of cheese Doritos chips.

He’s been nicknamed Sam and has become a local celebrity.  Customers who are entertained by the bird have even started paying the store for the bags that have been stolen.

Once the bird takes the Doritos, he goes outside near the store, opens the bag, and shares it with other birds that join him in the feast.

Updated 9/25/07