The Potential Dangers of Splenda / Sucralose – Disputed!

The Potential Dangers of Splenda / Sucralose – Disputed!
Splenda Safety Rating Lowered to Caution-
Reported to be Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
Various warnings have been circulating on the Internet that the sugar substitute, Splenda, may do more harm than good.
The Truth:
According to a June 12, 2013 article by Fox News, a nonprofit public watchdog group called “The Center for Science in the Public Interest” issued a downgrade in “its safety rating of sucralose from ‘safe’ to ‘caution,’ meaning that the additive ‘may pose a risk and needs to be better tested.'”
The article said that Italian researchers in an unpublished study discovered that “sucralose caused leukemia in mice,” and the watchdog group is still investigating the credibility of the report.
Another study was condu
cted by Dr. Joseph Mercola and posted on his website.
Mercola wrote that “Adverse health effects related to Splenda have been reported by people around the globe, from gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness, migraines, blurred vision, weight gain, and blood sugar elevation to allergic reactions.”
The Splenda Frequently Asked Questions page said that “SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener has no known side effects.”   They also denied that their product caused headaches, tooth decay or damaged kidneys.
Splenda users should practice moderation as such heavy tests are conducted in mass doses on lab rats. checked the website for any updates to the safety rating and to date there are none.    We will post any new findings on this page when we get them.
Posted 02/21/14