Teens playing "Spunkball" or "Sparkball" may set you on fire-Fiction!

Keep Your Car Windows Rolled Up Because Teens Playing “Spunkball” or “Sparkball” May Set You on Fire-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Teenagers drive up to a car and throw what they call a “Spunkball” into the open window of another car next to them.  The SPUNKBALL is a gasoline soaked rag wrapped in aluminum foil with a firecracker attacked to the outside.  The firecracker is lit, the SPUNKBALL is thrown through the widow, the firecracker explodes, tearing through the think foil, and igniting the rag.  The email claims people have been killed. Some versions refer to it as “Sparkball.”
The Truth:
This eRumor is being circulated without any information that would validate it and TruthOrFiction.com is unaware of any reports of the game being played at all, much more anyone being killed or injured from it.  Also, some versions have the name and position of an insurance employee at the bottom and many have thought that meant the eRumor alert originated with the insurance company.  That is merely a person who got the email from someone else and decided to pass it along, but has no personal knowledge of the origins of the story.