Warning About SweetCaliGuy4evr, a killer online-Fiction!

SweetCaliGuy4evr, a Killer Loose On the Internet-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A warning from the “State Police” saying that there is someone online with the name SweetCaliGuy4evr and that he is a suspect in the murders of 56 women who have been contacted via the Internet. 

The Truth: 
There are no warnings that we’re aware of about “SweetCaliGuy4evr.”
The message is similar to another warning that has been circulated, however, about an Internet killer named “Slavemaster” and that is partially true. That eRumor also claims that 56 women have been killed, but that is not true. A man using the “Slavemaster” screen name is in custody for the deaths of up to five women that he lured through the Internet.
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