9/11 Survivor stories: Chaplain Seth Castleman-Truth!

The Story of Seth Castleman, a Chaplain Helping the Families of Victims at the World Trade Center-Truth! 



Summary of eRumor:  
This is an email said to be from a man named Seth Castleman.  He’s not one of the survivors of the attacks in New York, but one of those who has been working with the survivors and families who lost loved ones or colleagues.

The Truth:

We have communicated with Mr. Castleman and confirmed that this is his account.  There is a technical problem with the story.  It seems to refer to “Monday” as the day of the attacks and use that as an index for referring to other days as well.  The attacks, of course, were on Tuesday.  Also, he makes reference to the man who held on to the side of the building and came down with it, surviving.  This is the “surfer” story of the man who rode a piece of debris to the ground, which has not been proven.  It was a story told among the rescuers.