Move over for flashing lights in Texas-Truth!

New Law in Texas About What To Do if Police or Fire Vehicles Are Coming Down the Road-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

The email warns that there is a new law in Texas that gives new instruction about what to do when you see a police or fire vehicle with flashing lights.

The Truth:

We don’t know if this particular story of a motorist’s experience is true but the warning about a new Texas law is true.
It’s called the “Move Over” act (SB 193 78).

It was signed by the governor on 6/18/03 and went into effect on 9/1/03.

The exact wording of the bill says it “requires a vehicle operator approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle using flashing lights, on a highway with two or more lanes traveling in the same direction, to vacate the lane closest to the emergency situation or slow to 20 mph below the speed limit or 5 mph when the posted limit is less than 25 mph.”

Last updated 1/15/04