Call Governor Rick Perry's Office in Texas to Get Prayer Back in Schools-Fiction!

Call Governor Rick Perry’s Office in Texas to Get Prayer Back in SchoolsFiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The message says to call a toll free number at the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry and register your support of getting prayer back in schools.  It says that the governor is conducting a survey of Texans on the topic.  The originator of the email claims to have called and talked with someone at the governor’s office and discovered that they have received only 20,000 calls since they started taking the calls last November.  

The Truth:

The telephone number is authentic, but the eRumor is a hoax.  Governor Perry’s office tells there is no truth to the eRumor and a recording on his office phone explains that to people who call.   

The issue of prayer in schools is a constitutional one that would need to be handled by Congress and the courts.  

This is the second telephone hoax to plague governor Perry’s office in recent months.  Another false story claimed that the governor was surveying Texas citizens about whether to make the maximum speed limit 55 miles-per-hour.  CLICK HERE for that story.

Last updated 6/26/02