Tupac Shakur is alive?-Fiction!

CNN Report that Rapper Tupac Shakur is Alive-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The eRumor includes a link to a CNN page declaring that rap star Tupac Shakur is actually alive and was not murdered 9 years earlier.

The Truth:

The alleged CNN page is a hoax.
It’s not from CNN but has been created to make it appear to be.
It pops up every now and again at various web addresses.

Born Lesane Parish Crooks in the Bronx, Tupac Shakur was a best-selling Hip Hop artist who, police say, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September of 1996.
The shooting has never been solved although Las Vegas police believe it was gang-related.
Several conspiracy theories about Shakur’s death have circulated among his fans.
Some speculate about who shot him including asking questions about whether it was a U.S. government assassination.
Others say that he faked his death.
Shakur’s last album before his death was The Don Killumaniti: The Seven Day Theory.
Shakur is depicted on the cover of the album as being crucified and it was recorded under the pseudonym “Makaveli,” which alludes to Machiavelli, the Florentine statesman and philosopher who suggested faking ones own death in order to fool his enemies.
In a music video released just two days after his death, Shakur was depicted as having been shot in a public place and going to heaven where he was an angel with other dead celebrities.
Some of his fans expected him to reappear in 2003, seven years after his death.
None of those close to Shakur have given credibility to the notion that he’s alive.
Last updated 5/4/05