FDA Finds Human Urine in Arizona Iced Tea-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The FDA has discovered that the makers of Arizona Iced Tea add human urine to their iced tea product, and therefore there will be a recall in 2015 of all their products.

The Truth:

A fake news website started the false report that Arizona Iced Tea contains human urine.

The fake news website Huzlers first reported that the FDA had exposed the Arizona Beverage Company adding human urine to its products:

“Upon being unexpectedly inspected a few days ago, FDA inspectors visited five of Arizona’s biggest factories in the United States and what they discovered was shocking. They discovered thousands and thousands of gallons of large industrial containers containing human urine. But what was the urine doing in an Arizona tea factory? According to the FDA, urine has been suspected to be used in Arizona products for years and it is what gives it its signature flavor, surprisingly. About 6% of Arizona cans are made up of human urine.”

Huzlers describes the website’s content as “bad fake news poorly written.” Nevertheless, social media users spread its false report that human urine had been found in the Arizona Beverage Company’s products.

One Facebook user commented: “I’ve contacted (Arizona) multiple times with no answer regarding my issue. I will be pursuing a lawsuit for the urine in the bottles. I am not waiting any longer. You guys messed with the wrong customer. My lawyer will be contacting the company by the end of the week.”

Arizona responded: “The rumor you’re referring to is not true. The site that it originated on is a self-proclaimed ‘notorious urban satirical entertainment website with the most shocking headlines and articles.”

A copy of the email submitted to Truthorfiction.com:

Collected on: 04/28/2015

For everyone who is Asking about the urine, it is true. I complained to Arizona a week ago on here about finding urine on my ice t bottles. I sent the bottles back to the company for testing. I’m not sure where the rumor came from but multiple people have complained about it. They hardly ever respond to your messages. If you don’t believe me look back at my previous posting along with several other complaints from other people about the kind of things that are in there drinks.