Military Flyover at an Annual God and Country Rally Denied by the U. S. Air Force -Truth!

Military Flyover at an Annual God and Country Rally Denied by the U. S. Air Force –Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email with a YouTube video link saying that for the first time in 42-years, the Air Force denied a military flyover at an annual God and Country Rally in Nampa, Idaho. The email blames the Obama administration for the Department of Defense policy that says “military is no longer allowed to do such things if the group requesting the fly over is Christian oriented.”

The Truth:

There are many published news reports including one from  July 7, 2009 by the Fox News Network that said it was a decision of the U.S. Air Force in compliance to a Department of Defense.  The YouTube video at the link in the email was removed due to terms of violation.

The God and Country Festival is a non-denominational rally that supports American soldiers. It began in 1967 from a movement organized by western actor Chuck Connors promoting our country’s founding ideals and faith in God.

For 42 years the Pentagon has allowed military aircraft to fly over the Nampa event but a defense department official told FOX News “the Air Force denied the request because it violates a Pentagon policy against supporting any event ‘that provides a selective benefit to any individual, group, or organization, including any religious or sectarian organization, ideological movement, political campaign or organization, or commercial enterprise, to include a shopping mall or motion picture promotion.'”

An online petition has been put up on the official God and Country website encouraging visitors for signatures to help bring back the flyover:  Click for petition.

updated 09/04/09