Be Cautious Giving Information To Census Takers-Truth!

Be Cautious Giving Information To Census Takers-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a warning that says scammers can attempt to get your personal and financial information as fraudulent census workers in person or by email. The warning offers guidelines and tips for those participating in the census from the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

The Truth:

The warning is real and posted at the Dallas Better Business Bureau website

The U.S. Census Bureau also warns of attempts to gather personal and financial information (Phishing) by fraudulent census workers.  The government organization said that it does not conduct the 2010 Census by means of  email or Internet websites.  The U.S. Census Bureau may send out an email regarding survey participation but will not request detailed personal information.   Click for US Census Bureau information page.

updated 01/08/09