White House Staffers Got Hefty Pay Raises- Mostly Truth!

White House Staffers Got Hefty Pay Raises- Mostly Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email that allegedly shows a  report on 2011 salary increases for twenty members of President Obama’s White House staff that range from 17% to 86%.

The Truth:

The report of pay raises for these staffers is true according to an article by The Gawker on July 6, 2011 but buried later in the article was the mention that most of the staffers received job promotions and new titles along with additional job responsibilities.

The article compared  2010 and 2011 salaries disclosures posted on the White House web site from its Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff.  The White House has been required to report this information to Congress since 1995.  The article said, “it’s nice to work for Barack Obama: Most staffers who were there for more than a year got a salary bump.”

A closer examination of the 2010 and 2011 Congressional Reports posted on the White House website confirmed that the pay raises came with job promotions and new job titles for most of the staffers listed in the Gawker report.    Also, the total staff positions at the White House in 2010 were 469 and in 2011 the number was cut back to 454.
updated 8/8/11