Emailed comments to Muslims from a Michigan professor-Truth!

Email about Moslems from Michigan State Professor-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A pointed email from Michigan State University professor Indrek Wichman to the Muslim Student’s Association listing the things he said offended him about Islam.

The Truth:

The email is true and was sent by professor Wichman in February, 2006.  It was in response to the Muslim Student’s Association own protest of cartoons that had been published in Europe presenting the Prophet Muhammed to be a terrorist.

Professor Wichman later told a newspaper that he thought he had sent the email to an individual, not the entire Muslim Student’s Association, and that he had used “strong language” that he would not have used publicly.

There was a call from the Muslim Student’s Association and other student groups for the university to take some kind of action against the professor, something the school declined to do, citing free speech.