The worth of a military family-Truth! & Fiction!

The Worth of a Military FamilyTruth! & Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:

A message that contrasts the compensation between victims of the Attack on America on September 11 with that given for the loss of a member of the military.  It is said to have been written by Rush Limbaugh.

The Truth:

First, we have not been able to confirm that this was written by Rush Limbaugh.

The financial figures quoted, however, appear to be accurate enough to demonstrate the point. Complex tables are used to determine the exact compensation for each family who experienced loss because of the terrorists, but the latest estimated average is $1.8 million, minus any payouts from life insurance.  On March 7, 2002, the spokesperson for the victim’s fund, attorney Kenneth Feinberg, announced that the base amount of the award to be given to each family would be $250,000.  Additional awards would be based on factors such as the number of children and the estimated income lost by the death of the family member.  That is vastly different that the compensation received by the family that has lost a member of the military.  

The benefits for military families outlined in the eRumor are accurate, according to the Department of Defense.

The part of the eRumor that claims that members of congress don’t have to pay into Social Security and retire with full salary after one term is false.  We have that story posted.  CLICK HERE for details.

updated 08/11/10