Wounded Warriors Project Operational Expenses Outweighs Funds Given to Program Services-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded email that tells readers not to donate money to the Wounded Warrior Project because they are spending more money on other expenses than what is being spent on program services.

The Truth:

This is fiction according to the financial statements posted on the Wounded Warrior Project website.


Out of the $143,635,305 taken in from donations the financial statement showed less then 20% went to operational expenses.

2012 Figures from Wounded Warriors Project
Posted 11/22/13

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Donating to Wounded Warriors? Read this!

Woundedwear.org http://woundedwear.org/
Woundedwarriorregiment.org http://woundedwarriorregiment.org/
Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund
Wounded Warrior Project

A friend who contributes wanted to know how they spent their money. so I went to http://www.guidestar.org/ which publishes the 990 tax returns of non-profits, which are public record. (Yes, you can go there and find out what I made last year managing a non-profit.) It’s free, but you must register. This is from the Wounded Warrior Project 2012 tax return. I support the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund. Thought this might be of interest. ~Bob

Income: $154,958,901 THIS IS ALMOST $155 MILLION DOLARS!
Expenses (scroll down for functional expenses):
(These appear to be the only expenses helping wounded warriors)
Grants to organizations: $4,657,084
Grants to individuals: $871,194
(These appear to be the overhead expenses.)
Compensation, Officers,
Directors & Trustees $1,057,997
Other wages: $15,415,666
Pension Plan: $340,650
Employee Benefits: $2,266,457
Payroll Taxes: $1,594,740
Legal: $499,509
Accounting: $131,746
Professional Fund Raising: $1,901,169
Advertising & Promotions: $146,299
Office Expenses: 12,451,303
IT: $254,319
Occupancy (rent): $2,490,195
Travel: $4,085,509
Depreciation: $1,572,823
Insurance $215,654
Outside Services: $20,915,404
Meetings and events: $9,637,863
Direct Response Service: $6,930,429
Promotional Items: $4,055,567
All other expenses: $3,659,493
Joint Costs: $25,576,675
(Joint costs from a combined educational campaign and fund raising solicitation.)

So before you donate…. check info that’s out there!