"You Worry Me," an Editorial by an American Airlines Pilot-Truth!

“You Worry Me,” an Editorial by an American Airlines PilotTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

This commentary is allegedly written by American Airlines pilot Captain John Maniscalco.  It asks Arab Moslems in the United States whether they will demonstrate that they want to bless and protect America and distinguish themselves from those who want to destroy America.  The writer says the lack of visible support for America from among Arab Moslems worries him.

The Truth:

The facts about this commentary are still a little murky, but there does seem to be a confirmed source for it.  Most versions say it is a commentary written by Captain Maniscalco.  Others say he gave it as a speech for the annual Kahane Memorial dinner sponsored by the followers of the late Rabbie Meir Kahane in Jerusalem in January, 2002.  We have confirmed with the Kahane movement that Captian Maniscalco did appear at their banquet in January but in New York, not Jerusalem.  We’ve also found, however, the “You Worry Me” comments on a website that serves some Maryland counties and attributed to a different person.  We’re checking that out.