Ants can invade your brain, so don't eat sweets at bedtime-Fiction!

Don’t Eat Sweets At Bedtime Because Ants May Invade Your Brain-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Two stories are told in this email.  

One is of a boy who died because of ants in his brain.  He fell asleep with sweets either in his mouth or nearby and the ants that were attracted got into his brain through the ears.  After complaining of discomfort, the boy was taken to the doctor who discovered through an x-ray that there were ants living in the boy’s brain.  The doctor could not do surgery because the ants were moving around, so the boy died.

The other story is about a patient in a hospital in Taiwan who didn’t listen when nurses warned him not to eat sweets in bed.  He later died and an autopsy found live ants in his brain.

The Truth:

These stories are both fiction, classic urban legends.  There are no documented cases of ants entering the brain and living there..