The 9/11 flight attendant who found God before her fatal flight-Unproven!

The 9/11 Flight Attendant Who Found God One Day Before She was Killed in a Hijacked JetUnproven!

Summary of eRumor:
The Rev. Bill Faye, a Christian evangelist, describes talking with an American Airlines flight attendant on a flight home from the state of Washington on Monday, September 10.  He says that he gave her a piece of literature about becoming a Christian and she later told him that was the sixth gospel tract she had received.  It led to her praying to become a Christian.  He later spotted her name as among the victims of American Airlines flight 11 that crashed into the World Trade Center…one day after his encounter with her.

The Truth:

We had no reason to doubt this story but contacted Bill Fay to authenticate it, intending to list it as an inspirational story.  He is an evangelist and author based in Denver, Colorado.  

He has declined to give us any information that would validate the account, however, saying that he had never intended for the story to become public.

The story was initially circulated in an eRumor that was said to have been written by a woman at a church in Bellevue, Washington and who had heard the story when her pastor shared it with the congregation.  It was the church at which Bill Fay had preached prior to boarding the September 10 flight.

updated 12/4/01