Breast cancer can be caused by underarm antiperspirants-Disputed!

      Breast Cancer can be Caused by Underarm Antiperspirants-Disputed!

Summary of eRumor:     
An email claims that the use of antiperspirants is the leading cause of breast cancer.  The theory is that toxins are released by sweat, especially under the arms, and antiperspirants are blocking the release of the toxins, allowing them to build up, and the result is cancer.  It also claims that nearly all breast cancers are in the upper, outside quadrant of the breast, near the armpits.
The Truth:
According to the American Cancer Society and several other respected medical authorities, the use of antiperspirant does not cause cancer.  Additionally, sweating is not the prime way the body gets rid of toxins, so even if the pores under the arms were clogged, that would not doom the body to an accumulation of cancer-threatening build-ups.   According to the American Cancer Society, the upper, outside quadrant is not the site of “nearly all” of breast cancers, but about half that.
For more information: 
The American Cancer Society (Do a keyword search using “antiperspirant.”)
Link established by Unilever, a UK antiperspirant manufacturer