Fact Checks

Hillary Clinton once supported Black Panthers on trial for murder-Truth!

According to the eRumor, in the late 1960’s, two Black Panthers were tried for murder in the death of a fellow Black Panther, Alex Rackley. Rackley was tortured before being killed. The Panthers who were tried, Warren Kimbro and Erica Huggins, escaped prosecution thanks, in part, to the defense of Hillary Clinton. Warren Kimbro went on to Harvard and became Assistant Dean of Eastern Connecticut State College. Erica Huggins was elected to a school board.

Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards responsible for the flu vaccine shortage?-Fiction!

The story says that flu vaccine used to be made here in the United States, but the companies that made it were driven out because of lawsuits and high liability costs. It says that the 2004 flu vaccine shortage was the result of sanitation problems at Chiron, the British Company making the vaccine.  It further says that the whole liability mess that forced the American companies out of the flu vaccine business was from a lawsuit filed by a man over a flu shot…and that the attorney representing him was Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards.