Fact Checks

Ben Bernanke Told Everyone At a Neighborhood Bar How Screwed The Economy Really Is-Fiction!

This is a forwarded email that appears to be an article about Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. It says that the “totally sloshed” Bernanke walked into a bar, ordered some drinks and told patrons the truth of the condition of the economy in the United States. The story said that Federal Reserve Chairman refused to pay for his bar tab because the money was worthless but fed the juke box with enough coins to play the Dire Straits song, “Money For Nothing” five times in a row.

News Article Said Vice President Biden's Weekend Trips Cost Taxpayers $1 Million Annually-Truth!

This is a forwarded email that contains what appears to be a news article that said that Vice President Joe Biden racked up $1 Million in weekend trips during his term, commuting from his Delaware home to our nation’s capital. The article also reported that the Vice President flew on Saturdays to play golf with President Obama at Andrews Air Force Base, at taxpayer expense.

Biblical Historian Says He Does Not Respect President Obama-Fiction!

This is a forwarded email that says Biblical historian David Barton was a guest on Charles Stanley’s In Touch Christian television program on the topic of “Is the United States a Christian Nation.” The email says that Barton said that although he respects the office of the President of the United States that he does not respect President Obama.

Stringed instruments in an orchestra.

Did ‘a Muslim Man’ Disrupt a Concert in the Netherlands?

Several versions of a story about a Muslim man who disrupted a concert in the Netherlands to invite Queen Beatrix of Holland to the Islamic faith. Some versions say that the man was the orchestra conductor and that all the members of the orchestra walked off the stage in a sign of solidarity.