Dr. Charles Krauthammer comments about President Obama-Fiction!

Dr. Charles Krauthammer comments about President Obama –Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A forwarded email with comments by journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer about President Obama.
The Truth:
Charles Krauthammer has issued a statement about this eRumor saying it is “neither accurate nor authoritative.”
He said the email is “somebody putting his own ideological stamp on and spin on my views.”
Krauthammer said, “One giveaway of the superimposition of someone else’s views on mine is the rather amusing use of phrases that I never use. To take just a few examples randomly: ‘God forbid,’ ‘far left secular progressive,’ ‘this is the first president ever who has chastised our allies and appeased our enemies!’ ‘no country had ever spent themselves into prosperity,’ and, the real doozy, ‘states rights.'”
He said his views are clearly spelled out in a series of columns that can be found on his web site.
Krauthammer writes for the Washington Post and his articles are nationally syndicated.  Krauthammer is a regular contributor on the Fox News Network and can almost be seen daily on the Special Report program anchored by Bret Baier.
Click here for his statement.
updated 08/03/09