3-Year-Old Dog Bite Victim Asked to Leave by a Mississippi KFC Restaurant-Disputed!

3-Year-Old Dog Bite Victim Asked to Leave by a Mississippi KFC Restaurant-Disputed!

Summary of eRumor:
Victoria Wilcher, age 3, was left scarred after a pit bull attack. She and her grandmother, Kelly Mullins, were asked to leave a KFC by an employee who told them Victoria’s face was disturbing the other diners. This story went viral on social media after Mullins wrote about it on her Facebook news feed.

The Truth:
The incident in Jackson, Miss. was reported to be true, but KFC not only apologized to the Wilcher family but said that the company will assist them with medical bills. This according to a June 17, 2014, article by New York Daily News. Recent developments allege that this could have possibly been a hoax, according to a June 24, 2014, article by USA Today, which said an independent investigator is looking into the matter after an anonymous tip was received by the the Laurel Leader-Call in Laurel, Miss.

KFC spokesperson Rick Maynard told reporters, “We have apologized to Victoria’s family and are committed to assisting them.” Maynard added “The company is making a $30,000 donation to assist with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria.”
Earlier this April, the child was attacked by a pit bull that belonged to her grandfather, Donald Mullins, which left her face scarred and paralyzed.

Mullins shot and killed two of his pit bulls after the incident, and a third dog was euthanized. He was later arrested and charged with child-endangerment.

Reaction to various various maulings by pit bulls has resulted in a ban on the breed in 29 municipalities and counties in the Magnolia State, according to an April 11 , 2014, article by the Clarion-Ledger. The article said that in 2010, the city of Jackson tried to pass “two ordinances that would ban pit bulls, but both failed after opposition from the city’s animal control chief, dog owners and some members of the City Council.”
According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA), pit bulls have a bad reputation, but it may not be entirely the fault of the canine. On its website, the ASPCA wrote:
Despite this bad rap, a well-bred, well-socialized and well-trained pit bull is one of the most delightful, intelligent and gentle dogs imaginable. It is truly a shame that the media continues to portray such a warped image of this beautiful, loyal and affectionate breed. Pit bulls once enjoyed a wonderful reputation.
Posted  06/17/14  Updated 06/24/14
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