Actress Cindy Williams is against military pay raises-Fiction!

Actress Cindy Williams is Against Military Pay RaisesFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Cindy Williams, of the Laverne and Shirley show, has allegedly written an article for the Washington Times in which she lays out a highly technical criticism of planned pay raises for members of the military.  The eRumor includes a response written by a member of the Air Force.
The Truth:
This is a case of mistaken identity about the author of a Washington Post article.   The Cindy Williams who wrote the article is not the actress.  She is another Cindy Williams who, according to the description with the article, was a senior research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a former  assistant director for national security in the Congressional Budget Office.  Williams worked with the Clinton Administration during 1994 to 1997.   In 2010 this eRumor returned with claims that Williams was assistant director in the Congressional Budget Office.   The office was filled by David E. Mosher at the time of circulation.
Her opinions about the military pay raises were published in the Washington Post (not the Washington Times) on January 12 of 2000.  The article dealt with to what extent there was a gap in the wages of military personnel compared with civilians.
updated 1/12/11