John Denver an Army Sniper? – Fiction!

Singer John Denver was a U.S. Army SniperFiction!

Summary of eRumor:

There are various versions that say he was a sniper in Vietnam and decorated for his service. One even says he was a sniper during World War II.

The Truth:

There is no evidence that John Denver ever served in the military.

He was born in 1943, which made him the right age for serving in Vietnam, and grew up in an Air Force family. For him, however, the Vietnam years were spent in music. According to his biography, he attended Texas Tech in the early 1960’s, but dropped out in 1964 to move to Los Angeles where he became a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio. In 1969 he launched a solo career. He was obviously not involved in World War II, which ended when he was still a toddler.