Help find Evan Trembley a missing 15-year old

Help Find Evan Trembley, a Missing 15-year old-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An email from the mother of Evan Trembley, a missing 15-year old.  It includes a picture of him and an emotional appeal to forward the email so he can be found.  It says an Amber Alert has been issued by the Wichita Falls, Texas police department.

The Truth:

This is another missing child hoax. 

In this case 15-year old Evan Trembley is real, however, and a television station in Wichita Falls, Texas, says he’s the one responsible for the forwarded email.  He created it as a joke to send to his friends and now he’s what we call an unintended  Internet celebrity. 

In various version of the eRumor his last name is spelled Trembley, Trembled, Trembly, and both Evan and Even are used for his first name.

The email address has either been shut down or was nonexistent.

There is no Amber Alert issued by the Wichita Falls police department and police Staff Sergeant Rick Williams doesn’t exist either.  The rank “Staff Sergeant” is a military term, not one used among police forces.

Also, if you look up the telephone number listed for the police department in this email it actually returns as the personal number for someone named Tammy Trembley who, it turns out, is Evan’s mother and is none too pleased about all the telephone calls she’s gotten about this.

The wording of the forwarded email is not very original.  Much of the message is identical to an appeal to help find 13-year old Ashley Flores, which is also a hoax.  CLICK HERE for that story.

Updated 8-31-07