Golden Corral restaurants leave God out of "God Bless America"-Fiction!

Golden Corral Restaurants Have Decided to Leave God Out of “God Bless America”Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

It is said that in September of 2002, a customer of Golden Corral in Tyler, Texas noticed that the windows of the restaurant, which were painted with a patriotic theme, also had the phrase “Bless America” with “God” left out.  The customer called the restaurant, spoke with the manager, and was told that “God” was omitted because some people might be offended by it.  The customer complained and was allegedly told that the manager was only doing what the corporation required. 

The Truth:

The sign incident did take place, but Golden Corral says it did not reflect corporate policy and was the decision of the sign-painter, not the restaurant.  They also deny that the employee the customer spoke with on the phone was the manager and in any case, that person was not representing corporate policy.  A statement from Golden Corral says the window now displays “God Bless America” and that not only would it be a violation of company standards to omit God from such a phrase, but that “God is a part of who we are as a company and we give thanks to Him for everything.’   Golden Corral is known as a company that reflects strong religious beliefs.  It’s motto is “Profiting by the Grace of God.”

Last updated 11/4/02