Why I Can't Vote For Obama by Huntley Brown-Truth!

Why I Can’t Vote For Obama – Huntley Brown-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

An email from Christian music artist Huntley Brown stating reasons why he won’t vote for Barack Obama.

The Truth:

Huntley Brown is a popular Christian music artist and he told truthorfiction.com that he wrote this email to some friends who were inquiring if he was going to vote for Senator Barack Obama. 

Brown said that he wasn’t asked if he was going to support the GOP candidate, John McCain, and that this email was primarily directed at his opinion of the Democratic candidate.  He also told us that he has problems with both candidates but the differences he has with Senator McCain pale in comparisons with the ones he has with Senator Obama. 

Brown did not write this email to influence public opinion nor did he expect his response to be forwarded to others which resulted in wide distribution of his opinion  on the super information highway.  No matter the outcome of this election, Brown told us, that as a Christian, he could be counted to support the President in prayer every day.

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updated 10/10/08