Don't drink certain soft drink brands after July 3-Fiction!

Don’t Drink Certain Soft Drink Brands after July 3-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
There are several versions circulating but they all involve a person in a check-out line at a store behind a person who looks or is dressed Middle Eastern.  The Middle Easterner is a few cents short of being able to pay for his or her purchase and the next person in line offers to make up the difference.  Later, the Middle Easterner comments on how nice that was and how he or she hasn’t been treated right ever since September 11.  In appreciation the Middle Easterner offers what seems to be insider terrorist information…not to drink a certain brand of soft drink after July 3.  The implication is that the drink is poisoned.  Some of the eRumors say to avoid Coke.  Some say to avoid Pepsi.
The Truth:
Although there is a very real threat of terrorism in the U.S., these stories of terrorists giving safety tips in return for good deeds done to them are very common during times of unrest and no local or federal authorities have any evidence that they are credible threats.  In fact, we don’t have any evidence that the conversations have actually taken place.
Last updated 6/30/02