Klingerman Virus is coming to people's homes in blue envelopes-Fiction!

A Virus Deadly to Humans is Being Spread by Envelopes in the MailFiction!

Summary of eRumor: 
This email says a malady called THE KLINGERMAN VIRUS is being randomly spread through the U.S. Mail and that there have been deaths as a result.  Some versions say the warning has been issued by the Schwab company.  The virus is in a small sponge sealed in plastic and sent in a large blue envelope that says, “A gift for you from the Klingerman Foundation.”  It is described as a virus never previously known and that the Centers For Disease Control and local authorities in Florida are working on it.  It claims that 23 people have been infected and that seven of them have died.

The Truth:
This is a hoax.  Federal and Florida health authorities have no reports of such a virus.  There also does not appear to be any such organization as The Klingerman Foundation.  If such deaths had actually happened, there would be health warnings and media coverage.
There are other versions of the eRumor.  One calls the virus the “Cleanman” virus.  Another says the envelope comes from the “Klinman” Group and says to put it in a zip-lock bag, then a brown bag, then to call the police.
The story started circulating on the Internet long before the terrorist attacks on America, but experienced a revival that coincided with the appearance of anthrax on letters received through the mail.  It has caused some people to ask whether there is a connection.  There is no connection.  One is a hoax.  The other is a reality.