The POW confronts anti-war protestors in Moscow, Idaho-Fiction!

The POW’s Confrontation with Anti-War Protestors in IdahoFiction!



Summary of eRumor:
This is a long story (it appears below) about a macho confrontation between a Vietnam era American POW and anti-war demonstrators in the university town of Moscow, Idaho.  The protestors were against the U.S. military action in Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks on the U.S.

The Truth:

The story is fiction.  In addition to the unlikely events described, the folks in Moscow, Idaho say it never happened.  The only Best Western in town is the University Inn.  A spokesperson says they’ve got two restaurants at the Best Western, but neither of them has had flags displayed as is said in the story.  No one has heard of the confrontation between the POW and the protestors.  Additionally, neither of the restaurants has a Polish manager.  

Also, the eRumor says this happened at the home of Idaho University, but that school is in Pocatello, Idaho, not Moscow and it is known as Idaho State Universty.  The school in Moscow is the University of Idaho.