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Medicare Premiums Predicted to Increase While Congress is Getting Pay Raises-Truth! & Fiction!

This one blames the 112 Congress, under the leadership of John Boehner, for increases in Medicare Premiums while at the same time they offer no cost of living increase to Social Security recipients yet voted themselves a cost of living pay raise. The email says that premiums in 2012 will go up from $96.40 to $104.20. In 2013 it says premiums will rise to $120.20 and in 2014 they will be hiked up to $247.00.

Medicare Patients Pay "Under Observation" Expenses-Truth!

This is a forwarded email that alleges that a change in policy for Medicare patients could end up costing them lots of money. It warns that if they are admitted into a hospital to insist on “In-Patient” designation. If the Medicare patients are designated as “Under Observation” they will not be covered by Medicare and end up having to have to pay the hospital expenses.

Warnings about HB-3200: Medicare at 76Fiction!

This is forwarded email that warns of what HB-3200 health care bill contains. The email is lists page numbers and describes terms and conditions, which would be a concern to those 76 years old and over. It also warns of government monitoring of health records and free treatment of illegal aliens who have not paid into Obamacare.